Almost Like It WasYesterday

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I was exhibiting in the Mount Dora Art Festival, just northwest of Orlando. A friend rushed into my tent and said, excitedly, “Have you heard? The Space Shuttle has gone missing!”

“Yeah sure,” I responded, thinking this was a joke. “The Space Shuttle doesn’t go missing.”

But it was true. Ten years ago this week.

This coming weekend, Feb. 2 and 3, I’ll be back at Mount Dora. I’ll be showing a subsequent shuttle launch panoramic image, the one above. This was from February, 2011,  the orbiter’s second-to-last launch, taken from from wetlands on Merritt Island, Florida.

I owe thanks to my photographic friend Reg Garner of Sanford and some of his Orlando Camera Club friends for guiding to this unusual vantage point. I think the best part of this photograph, other than the shuttle itself, is that small group of launch watchers over on the right side who also knew how to get to this place.

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